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What a Clever Cat!

What a clever cat! And thoughtful. He wants to help out his little puppy friends so he doesn’t wait around for his human to come to their aid! click here to see more hilarious cat GIFs.

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Skateboarding Cat!

I have always been impressed with how clever some cats can be. In this nifty GIF,  the skateboarding cat certainly knows how to get from A to B. How cool is that! Check out some other clever cats in this awesome video

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How Many Cats Can You Get in a Box?

How many cats can you get in a box? This great GIF intends to show you just that and even though this kitty is expert at reversing , the 2 cats on top don’t seem too impressed!   For more expert cats, try this video.

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All Together Now!

All together now! Who can resist 5 adorable little kittens all moving in unison, I wonder what it is they are so interested in? Click here for another adorable kitten GIF to make you go Awwwww!

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The Lion King?

This Lion King GIF is kinda everywhere right now. And if you like the thought of a ginger cat roaring like a lion then you’ll understand why!

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Light’s Out! Cat Switches off Light.

So, we’re addicted to GIFs of cats doing funny, crazy or odd things. It’s something about the way that they repeat forever….. This will be a regular section on the site, and, of course, Facebook doesn’t allow GIFs so it’s a perfect kind of thing for us all to share here. This first one was […]

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