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12 Pictures Of The World’s Angriest Cats Ever

Cats are scheming to take over the world! This isn’t exactly a secret, but hard to fathom when you look into your kitty’s adorable eyes and hear them purr softly whenever you are near. However, there are some cats that don’t even bother to hide their wicked plans. So take a look at 10 of the world’s angriest cats and if you look a little deeper you will see that despite their irritated faces, they are all extremely cute!

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How to Find a Common Language With Your Cat

If you live with cats you will know that that they can be very unpredictable and at times, very illogical. We spend a lot of time trying to work out why they do what they do and are never really sure what’s going on in their heads. But in fact, cats do have their own language, and if you manage to learn it you will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of your kitty and probably a closer friendship.(If your cat allows it!)

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12 Hilarious Comics That Reveal The Reality Of Living With Cats

Living with a cat can be a truly rewarding experience but without a doubt, our adorable kitties can also be something of a challenge. Take a look at these 12 great comics that show how life with cats can be something of a roller coaster. All you cat lovers are sure to relate and you’ll all be nodding and laughing in agreement.

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