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People Stay Behind To Save Stranded Cats From Flood In Houston

Hurricane Harvey has left many people stranded in Texas, but it wasn’t only the residents that were affected – countless pets were also affected by the floods and sadly, many of them were left behind. A picture of six cats rescued on August 28 is going viral. Theses lucky kitties were found in the Houston area and then safely transported to an animal shelter where they got all the help they needed.

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Cat Becomes Foster Mama to Eight Baby Hedgehogs

Meet Musya the cat and her hoglets!
This loving mother cat became foster and wet nurse to eight baby hedGehogs that lost their mother in a lawnmower accident. The tiny hedgehogs were found at Sadgorod Zoo in Vladivostok, Russia, after their mother was hit by a lawnmower. Caregivers took them in and tried to hand-rear them, but they refused to eat from a bottle or syringe.

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Nobody Wanted to Adopt this Shelter Cat, so He Found a Great Way to Get Everyone’s Attention

Sigmund is a 3-year old cat that had been at Cat Haven in Western Australia for several months. He did get adopted into one home but they returned him after a few weeks because they thought he was was too rough when playing. Months passed and still no one wanted to give Sigmund a home, even though he was a lovely kitty, full of personality and energy. That was when Sigmund decided to take matters into his own paws.

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Stray Cat Wanders into Firehouse and Decides it Will be His Forever Home

A ginger and white stray cat wandered into a firehouse one day, looked around, liked what he saw and decided to make it his home. Meet Flame the arson cat! When Flame first arrived at  Belmont Firehouse in Greenville, SC, he was malnourished but soon made his way to the kitchen and the boys decided to feed him some fried chicken that someone had left in the fridge…

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Everyone Was Scared to Touch This Diseased Cat, but One Woman Didn’t Care

Meet Valentino! He was discovered at the Baldwin Park animal shelter in Los Angeles County by Elaine Seamans. So far, one at the shelter had gone near him. Sadly, Valentino suffered from sarcoptic mange, a skin infection caused by mites that usually affects dogs, but can also spread to humans and cause a mild rash. He was covered in dirt and his eyes were caked shut.

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