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Small Fry is a Tiny Kitten With a Big Story

Small Fry is a tiny kitten with a big story. Her success is proof that even the most vulnerable animals can thrive with a little love and commitment. She was brought into an animal shelter when she was just an infant, she was the runt of her litter and because she was very sick was unable to feed. She need round the clock, one-on-one foster care if she had any hope of surviving.

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Cat Goes Outside to Play and Comes Home With a Kitten

Claudia Wright first saw Posey the cat when she turned up at her house one day with three kittens in tow. It was love at first sight so Claudia decided to adopt her. When Posey’s kittens were old enough Claudia found them families of their own, but Posey must missed her little family because one day she decided to go out and she came back with a little surprise.

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Stray Cats Stairway to Warmth and Love

There are millions of stray animals that roam our world looking for food and a place to sleep. What do they do when the weather gets cold? They have to find shelter somewhere, or they may die.
Fortunately there are lots of kind hearted people that do what they can to help these creatures in need…

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