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Cops Build Cozy ‘Condo’ For A Friendly Stray Cat

Meet SWAT cat! She’s the unofficial mascot of the Boston Police Department’s SWAT team headquarters.
Four years ago, this sweet-natured calico kitty showed up and decided to stay. Naturally the officers gave her a name that suited her surroundings and it didn’t take long for her to win a place in their hearts.

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Rescued Ginger Cat Bonds With a Very Unusual Friend

A rescued ginger cat has bonded with an unusual friend that proves friendship knows no bounds.
Meet Mewie the cat and Nandi the orphaned rhino! They live at The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo, South Africa. Jamie Traynor is a caretaker for the orphaned rhinos and she rescued little Mewie when he was a tiny kitten.

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Lonely Stray Cat With a Big Heart on His Chest Finds a Loving Home in Time For Valentine’s Day

A lonely stray cat with a big heart on his chest has found a loving new home in time for Valentine’s Day. Meet Tommy Tucker!
Little Tommy Tucker was found singing for his supper outside an estate agents’ office before staff took pity on the kitten.
He was crying so loudly that the staff decided to feed him and he soon started returning every day for his dinner.

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Friendly Stray Cat Gets Run Over By Car – $6,000 Later…

Meet Mister Pickle, a friendly stray cat who was struck by a car. He often stopped by a pet shop where worker Melissa Popham would feed him. She began to feel concerned when after five days she hadn’t passed by, he eventually turned up and from the way he looked it was obvious something awful had happened to him…

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Bionic Legs Give Stray Cat New Lease of Life

Meet Pooh the cat! Sadly he lost his back legs in a car accident but thanks to ground-breaking surgery he gets to walk on all fours again. Pooh is a stray cat that lives in Bulgaria (his name means ‘fluff’ in Bulgarian) and he’s been fitted with bionic legs, which are in fact two tiny polymer-and-rubber paws mounted on titanium stems.

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Therapy Cat Brings Joy to Critically Ill Patients

A friendly cat named after a jazz legend has brought joy to critically ill patients at a California hospital. Meet Duke Ellington Morris! This adorable black and white feline recently visited ill patients at the UCSF Medical Center. He’s part of a new initiative between the SPCA and the hospital, known as the animal-assisted therapy program.

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