My Cat Throwing a Temper Tantrum!

Does your kitty ever throw a temper tantrum? My older kitty can be very moody when she doesn’t get her own way and becomes very vocal about it!
This is Misha the cat and apparently she’s prone to throwing a tantrum when things don’t quite go her way. I won’t tell you what it is but I think this kitty has a foot fetish !!

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How do Cats Use Their Whiskers?

A common mistake that many humans make is assuming that cat whiskers are the same as human hair.
Using slow motion, this insightful video shows how the whiskers play their part in helping the cat move into an attack position when hunting their prey.

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Man Stops Traffic on Busy HIghway to Save a Tiny Kitten

When everyone else drove straight by, a young man on a moped stopped the traffic to save a tiny kitten. When Kevin (Kwok Kin Wai) was driving his moped by Lion Rock Tunnel in Hong Kong, when he spotted a tiny kitten that had frozen in fear on the middle of the road. He knew he had to stop and help as everyone else was driving straight by and he was sure that the kitten would not be able to survive much longer.

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Grumpy Old Feral Cat is a Big Softy at Heart

Mason is an ancient, battle-scarred feral cat with advanced kidney disease. In addition to the aches and pains that come with old age, he also suffered from a badly injured foot, several abscessed teeth and a ferocious temperament to match. Instead of euthanasia, it was felt he deserved to live his sunset months in comfort, free from pain…

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Cats and Kittens on Instagram – 9th May 2017

Every day we post our favourite pictures to Instagram which as you can imagine is a very difficult job as there are so many great cat pictures to choose from. We know how much you love great pictures too so we are now doing a weekly round up of the most popular, which means they are chosen by you.

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Being Tiny is Tough!

Avalon is a beautiful Abyssinian cat and she has recently given birth. Here we meet her kittens when they are around 18 days old. Tiny dancer is the runt of the litter and she’s discovering that being tiny, although often a challenge, has it’s advantages.

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