Awesome Kitty Kommercial 4 Fur-Kids Animal Rescue Shelter

If this commercial doesn’t make you want to rush out and adopt a cat then I don’t know what will!
Furkids, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a nonprofit charitable organization that operates the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter in the Southeast for rescued cats. It’s mission is to rescue homeless animals and give them all the love and care they need.

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The Most Popular Cat Names of 2016

Naming your kitty is usually one of the first things you do after adopting them. Some people prefer short and sweet names while others like to bestow long, regal titles that usually get shortened to something more manageable. In fact, whichever name you decide upon, you will also give them dozens of silly nicknames, just because you love them so much.

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Cute Kitty Makes Weird Facial Expressions

I love this kitty! He is so beautiful and majestic with lovely eyes that look like they have immaculate eye liner around them. Then he begins to get very excited about something…
This delightful cat starts chirping and clucking and pulls the most bizarre faces that you’ve ever seen on a kitty.

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We Rescued a Terrified Abandoned Kitten – The Transformation Will Amaze You!

A little scrawny kitten was found on the roadside near the drainage. She was very afraid but couldn’t move let alone run away due to hunger and fatigue. A kind hearted man called Peter, spotted the kitten and immediately he knew he had to help. He gave her water and rushed her off to the vet. On the way she fell asleep in his arms, feeling safe at last.

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Cats and Kittens on Instagram – 3rd January 2017

Every day we post our favourite pictures to Instagram which as you can imagine is a very difficult job as there are so many great cat pictures to choose from. We know how much you love great pictures too so we are now doing a weekly round up of the most popular, which means they are chosen by you.

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Meet The Cat Who Wears Her Heart On Her Chest

Meet Zoë ! A delightful British Shorthair who was adopted along with her sister Izzy. What makes Zoë so special is the awesome heart shaped black marking she has on her chest. Her adoring human parents originally intended to adopt only Izzy, but when they saw Zoë they instantly fell in love so adopted both kittens and two sisters remained together.

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Maine Coon Beauty – 2nd January 2016

Maine Coon Beauty
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