A Cat’s Guide to Winter

This is Cole the black cat, we’ve seen him many times before with his best friend Marmalade and his human Chris. They all now live in Illinois which has a much colder climate to what they’re used to.
In this delightful video, Cole gives us his cat’s guide to winter…

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Hidden Camera Shows How Much Cat Misses His Human

This is Bobo and his human had a hunch that while he was at work, Bobo pined for him and missed him terribly because he was always so happy to see him when he arrived back at the house. This gave him the idea to set up a (not so hidden!) camera to document what Bobo does during the day when he wasn’t there.

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Your Cats – January 2017

Here’s this month’s great selection of featured cats, submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.
We would love to see your cats so why not send us a picture. Click on the link to find out how.

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Bionic Legs Give Stray Cat New Lease of Life

Meet Pooh the cat! Sadly he lost his back legs in a car accident but thanks to ground-breaking surgery he gets to walk on all fours again. Pooh is a stray cat that lives in Bulgaria (his name means ‘fluff’ in Bulgarian) and he’s been fitted with bionic legs, which are in fact two tiny polymer-and-rubber paws mounted on titanium stems.

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Cats and Kittens on Instagram – 31st January 2017

Every day we post our favourite pictures to Instagram which as you can imagine is a very difficult job as there are so many great cat pictures to choose from. We know how much you love great pictures too so we are now doing a weekly round up of the most popular, which means they are chosen by you.

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