Acupuncture Treatment Helps Paralyzed Kitten Takes First Steps

When 2-month-old Talleyrand arrived at the Humane Rescue Alliance, she was paralyzed with no deep pain or movement in her hind legs or tail. She had fallen down a storm drain and her injuries were left untreated for several days. X-rays were taken and they confirmed she had a fracture of her L3 vertebra and a shifting of her spinal column.

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SAVE LIVES – Spay & Neuter!

Take a look at the Cole & Marmalade Spayathon!
Their human dad Chris says: “Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a reality, working together to save lives is PAWSOME!”

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“Puss In Boots” Audition

We officially announce that the casting for Puss In Boots live-action sequel is over. After reviewing Chika’s tape it is clear that she’s perfect for the role and production is about to begin shortly.
Only kidding !!

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Stray Cats Stairway to Warmth and Love

There are millions of stray animals that roam our world looking for food and a place to sleep. What do they do when the weather gets cold? They have to find shelter somewhere, or they may die.
Fortunately there are lots of kind hearted people that do what they can to help these creatures in need…

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