One Special Day !

It’s a very special day for Pusic the cat and he gets ready for it in style by sporting a lovely collar and tie. And how handsome he looks! Today is his 3rd birthday. This delightful rescue kitty belongs in a very loving family and they have lined up a fabulous day for him.

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Welcome Home Cat Daddy!

Cole and Marmalade’s human dad Chris has been away from home for a while, he has been volunteering at big cat sanctuaries all over South Africa. What an amazing experience that must have been for him as we all know how much he loves cats – big and small!

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IKEA Launches Furniture Range Especially Designed For Cats and Dogs

IKEA has just released their first ever furniture collection that is designed specifically for cats and dogs. It’s called Lurvig, which just happens to be the Swedish word for ‘hairy’, how appropriate! The collection was created by Valencia-based designer Inma Bermudéz and covers a wide range of reasonably priced furniture including cat tunnels, scratch posts, beds for cats and dogs and sofas.

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