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Dumpster Kitty

Here at We Love Cats and Kittens we love the videos of internet cats Cole and Marmalade. So here’s their latest one where Marmalade has found a new hiding place.

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Purrfessional Resumé

What are your cats good at? More fun with Cole and Marmalade who show us that cats have many skills that will make them highly attractive to purrtential employers! Want to see more of Cole and Marmalade? Click here.

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How to Love your Human!

This is a cute video from one our favourite YouTube cat families – Cole and Marmalade and how they go about looking after their human, Chris!
They’ve got it down to a fine art and a list of must-do’s!

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A Kitten, A Cat & A Bag

If you love watching little kitties play you’re gonna love this adorable video. We see a crazy adorable little kitten called Marmalade playing with a plastic bag and trying to entice Cole the Black Cat to play too! See a lovely video of a cat and 2 dolphins playing together.

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Our Terrifying Cat Bloo! – 25th November 2013

Today’s pictures of your cats submitted to our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day. Our terrifying cat Bloo! Sent in by Lisa Cluett: My little girl gets new shoes the kittens get a new bed lol. Sent to us by Emma Gregory: My little gamer kitten Hunter. Sent […]

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