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The Reality Of Having A Cat

Those lovely people at Lingvistov have created these excellent illustrated stories about everyday life with a cat as we know it. There’s the importance of delicious food, the appeal of a good afternoon nap, and lets not forget our justified obsession with cats.

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21 Benefits Of Having A Cat

The benefits, for us cat lovers, of having a cat in your life is endless. Lingvistov have put that to the test in their latest collection of illustrations 21 Benefits Of Having A Cat. Beautifully illustrated by Landysh, this delightful book contains many helpful illustrations detailing the upsides of having one or more felines.

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15 Illustrated Truths About Cats

Lingvistov have created these awesome illustrations about the truths that every cat owner knows so well: from their incredible ability to be endearing and irritating at the same time, to their habit of doing whatever they want and getting away with it!

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