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Crow – Simon’s Cat

In this latest instalment of Simon Cat, our favorite internet kitty has a new friend, Crow, and he’s decided to disturb Simon’s Cat’s peace and quiet by cawing very loud and being generally annoying.

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Stretched Out – Simon’s Cat

Cats are really good at stretching, in fact, if there were an Olympic event for stretching, cats would come away with a gold medal. Our kitties tend to know what’s good for them and stretching is a way of increasing blood flow after all that sleeping – it also makes you feel good. Of course Simon’s cat knows all this but…

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Polished Paws – Simon’s Cat

In this latest instalment of the daily life of Simon and his cat we see that Simon has been polishing his dining table and he’s very proud of the finish. He then begins to arrange things back onto the table but each time he turns his back they disappear!

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