15 Crazy Cat GIFs

There’s no denying that our feline friends bring lots of joy and love into our lives. But they also make us laugh, even when it’s at their expense!

So we’ve put together 15 of our most popular GIFs that show our crazy cats going bonkers!

1. Helicopter surprise.

2. Jumping on the bed again.

3. Hopping mad!

4. The kooky kitty dance.

5. Crazy dance cat!

6. Ready, steady, pounce!

7. Light sabre kitty…..may the force be with him!

8. The kitty bounce!

9. Life in the ‘cat’ lane.

10. Licky lolly pop!

11. Sprinkled!

12. Crazy boxing cat.

13. One step too far!

14. I’m a DJ.

15. And finally….has your kitty ever come down stairs like this?

Did you know you can see all our GIFs over at Pinterest?

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