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Stray Mommy Cat Brings Her Sick Kitten to Hospital to Get Help

A stray mother cat decided that a hospital in Istanbul would be the best place to take her sick kitten. Now we all know that mother cats are extremely instinctual, they will do everything to protect their offspring and will only move their young to places where they feel safe.

Return of the Cat Man of Aleppo

The cat man of Aleppo touched the hearts of millions in 2016 when a BBC documentary featured his cat sanctuary. Shortly after he had to leave the city when it fell to Syrian government forces, but he’s now back and it’s not just cats he’s giving help to.

Paralysed Rescue Cat Becomes Nurse to Sick Animals

Meet Lucifer aka Lyutsik or Luc, he lives in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia and spends most of his time looking after sick animals. Luc arrived at the clinic when he was very young suffering from a damaged spine…

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