5 Famous Cats in Cat Food Giveaway

You can help a cat shelter in the US get a free tin of cat food just by watching the video below featuring a ‘celebrity cat supergroup’!

Friskies are donating one can of wet cat food to shelters and rescue centres across the US for each and every view – up to a maximum of 500,000.

For this video they have brought together 5 of the currently most famous cats on the internet – Grumpy Cat (of course – although I’m a bit bored of him already, aren’t you?), Colonel Meow (that’s the one with all the fluff!), Oskar the Blind Cat, Nala Cat and Hamilton the Hipster Cat (nice ‘tache!)

Although it’s clearly great marketing for them (see the associated website ‘If You Feed Me’ chock full of LOLcat type photos here) as they try to boost their sales of wet cat food, you can’t argue that they are giving something back.

All you have to do is watch it!

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