London’s First Cat Café

The long awaited Lady Dinah’s Emporium, London’s first cat café, will be opening it’s doors for the first time this month. Situated in Bethnal Green, London, UK, it promises for all cat lovers a place to chill out, relax, drink tea and hang out with this group of sociable kitties.

Cat-Cafe 1

There’s plenty to do and see, it features an endless amount of cat toys, cat cushions and even a cat wheel, which seems to be as much fun for the humans watching as it is for the cats that use it!

Cat-Cafe 3

Cat-Cafe 2

There’s even a iPad with ‘kitty games’ for the more tech-headed kitties.

Cat-Cafe 4

The walls are littered with a number of cat-size staircases. These give the cats a safe haven from over-eager hands and allow the kitties to prowl and observe the humans from a safe distance.

As a visitor, you’ll be served a cream tea with a choice of scones and pastries as part of your two hour experience. The menu is vegetarian with hopes of becoming totally vegan when they discover a substitute for cream (don’t tell the kitties!).

The first cat café originated in Taiwan in 1998, but the idea really took hold in Japan, where there is now over 150 cat cafés.


All in all it sounds like a lovely experience for cats and cat lovers alike.

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