Paralysed Rescue Cat Becomes Nurse to Sick Animals

Meet Lucifer aka Lyutsik or Luc, he lives in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia and spends most of his time looking after sick animals.


Luc arrived at the clinic when he was very young suffering from a damaged spine. It was believed he had fallen from a window and as a result, his legs were paralysed. With the help of the vets at the clinic he has made an amazing recovery.


This adorable black kitty was so grateful for all the love and help he received that he has stayed on to devote himself to all the other animals that come there in need.


Whenever he sees an animal that is seriously ill, he pays back the kindness and stays by their side offering love and support. When it’s time for an injection, and let’s face it who likes injections, he stays close by as if to say “there, there, everything’s going to be alright.”


Not only does he care about the well being of all the patients at the clinics, he has also donated blood and in doing so, has saved many lives. He is the perfect nurse, he often cuddles up to patients or stays close to them when they feeling alone and afraid.


His disability hasn’t stopped him from loving life and his forever family. This incredibly brave and caring cat is giving back by helping other animals get better and even saving their lives. He is definitely a king of cats.


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