Petnostics – A New Way to Check Your Cats Health

For some of us, smartphone technology is playing a bigger and bigger part of our  lives, making everyday living easier and hassle free.

So for those of you that have a busy life, adore your pet, and of course own a smartphone, I think you’ll love this new app that will let you check the health of your pet, instantly. By using the Petnostics’ urine collection cup which has chemical test strips on the lid, you will be able to monitor your pet’s health anytime, anywhere. The Petnostics cup provides the same quality test that you would get at your local vets, but with the ease, convenience, and cost-savings of a do-it-at-home system.

phone and lid Petnostics

You simply collect urine in the special cup provided and once sealed, the test strips on the lid will begin to change colour. With this free app from the iTunes App Store, you can read the test results on your smartphone or tablet and instantly tell whether your pet has any potential diseases such as diabetes or ailments like kidney stones or a urinary tract infection.

A very smart idea in a modern age.

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