14 Cats That Are Crazy For Pizza !

No pizza is safe!

It’s true that we love our cats dearly but some kitties have decided that our human food is just too irresistible to them! They want it for themselves and there’s just no stopping them.

So take a look at these 14 cats that are crazy for pizza and you’ll see what I mean. And remember, never leave yours unattended because they’re coming for it!

1. Ummmm! Pepperoni, my favourite!

pizza 1

2. I LOVE that wheel now hand me a slice!

pizza 2

3. I’ve got my eye on that…

pizza 3

4. It’s mine, it’s all mine!

pizza 4

5. Honestly, there’s none left

pizza 5

6. Gimme! I love the crusts too

pizza 6

7. If I fits, I sits

pizza 7

8. I love pizzas sooo much, I got a job at Pizza Hut!

pizza 8

9. You didn’t want this crust did you?

pizza 9

10. I am the Pizza Guru, bow down before me

pizza 10

11. I LOVE pizza! Anytime, any place, anywhere!

pizza 11

12. Oohhh! Olives!

pizza 12

13. How could you start without me?

pizza 13

14. And finally, the pizza thief!

pizza 14

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