16 Pictures of Cats Trying Hard to Annoy Their Humans

We love our cats, there is no doubt about that, but sometimes they can be terribly annoying whether they mean to or not.

You know what it’s like when they refuse to give you room on your own bed or they make a comfy nest on your newly washed and pressed clothes, it’s like they do these thing to deliberately get on our nerves.

So take a look at these 16 pictures of cats trying hard to annoy their humans and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

1. The ones that sit on you even when you’ve said no!

Annoying 1

2. “Did you want something out of MY drawer?” 

Annoying 2

3. You pop out for a while and you come back to find this…

Annoying 3

4. They cannot leave the toilet paper alone.

Annoying 4

5. Why do they insist on sticking their butt in your face?

Annoying 5

6. Showing you how stupid you look when you take a ‘selfie’.

Annoying 6

7. Making it difficult for you to do the washing yet again!

Annoying 7

8. They love knocking things off don’t they….

Annoying 8

9. Even when it’s their own food!

Annoying 9

10. They won’t let you use your laptop.

Annoying 10

11. Forgetting that they have a litter tray.

Annoying 11

12. Buying them a toy and all they play with is the box it came in!

Annoying 12

13. You can’t remember the last time you were in the toilet alone.

Annoying 13

14. Sitting on your dinner!

Annoying 15

15. Taking up all the room on the bed.

Annoying 15

16. And finally, being annoying just because they can !!

Annoying 16

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