21 Unbelievable Pictures of Halloween Cats!

There are many pictures on the internet showing us that certain cat lovers love to get their kitties into the spirit of Halloween by dressing them up. There are some very inventive outfits out there, some are obviously shop bought and some are home made, quite often with hilarious results.

And more often than not we can easily see that these adorable kitties do not seem too enamoured with their get up! In fact, they mostly look downright miserable (and who could blame them!) So sit back and have a good giggle at these poor kitties who couldn’t give a flying fig about trick or treating!

1. Pirate Cat

hallow 1

2. Hello Kitty Cat

hallow 2

3. Lobster Cat

hallow 3

4. The Lion Cat

hallow 4

5. Princess Leia Kitty

hallow 5

6. Little Red Riding Cat

hallow 6

7. Super Mario Cat

hallow 7

8. Catty Potter!

hallow 8

9. Scuba Cat

hallow 9

10. Bear Cat

hallow 10

11. Froggy Cat

hallow 11

12. Historical Cat

hallow 13

13. Cat in the Hat Cat

halloween 12

14. Business Kitty

hallow 14

15. Bumble Cat

hallow 15

16. Super Cat

hallow 16

17. Pumpkin Kitty

hallow 17

18. Spider Cat

hgallow 18

19. Sushi Cat

hallow 19

20. A very sad Pikachu Cat

hallow 20

21. And finally my personal favourite…….Bat Cat!

hallow 21

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