22 Adorable Then-and-Now Pictures of Cats Growing Up with Their Toys

Posted in Cat Pictures - Last Updated: September 12, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: September 12, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

As children we all had a favourite toy, be it a teddy bear, a blanket or even a pillow. These toys remained with us and comforted us when we were feeling sad.

Cats are the same, the little plushie or toy that you gave them when they were kittens will remain their favorite and will stay with them and comfort them in their hour of need.

As a wise person once said: “Life is a journey best traveled with a friend.”  I think that this saying rings true with humans and cats alike.

Your childhood toy will stay with you and experience all the things that you do, that’s what makes them so special.

It is all of these reasons that make these then-and-now pictures so wonderful, you can see how much these battered toys mean to them and years later are still a comfort at bedtime or when they are feeling low, perhaps after a visit to the vet.

Scroll down to see some heartwarming pictures and don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favorite in the comments below.

1. Still sleeps with a friend 


2. 18 months later and he still sleeps with his duck!


3. Then and now


4. My cat and his favourite box – then and now


5. Croc battle, then and now…


6. Eight months later, my little ball of fury


7. The difference a year and a half makes, my cat, in his bed, with his monkey


8. Four years down the line and it’s still his favorite


9. Seven years later and he still loves his duck


10. Six months later and she still loves it!


11. Then and now


12. This is still Rocky’s favorite toy 


13. Gizmo and Pookie – BFF’s 


14. Stevie the kitty, then and now – she still loves her string 


15. Love at first sight, she stole the mouse attached my keys and now she “kills” it every night!


16. Our Scott and his bunny, after two years 


17. Rupert the bear is still Eric’s favourite toy after eight months…


18.  My baby boy is now three years old and he still loves his Mofumin pillow…


19. Growing up with his favourite toys 


20. Rita with Joanna, her little bug – now and then 


21. Miep with her Bunsen Honeydew at four weeks old and one year later


22. She can still be very angry if you try to take her toy!


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