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Just the Two of Us – 29th September 2014

The weekend’s best cat pictures from our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

Does your cat do this?


I think this is probably the best heart photo I’ve ever seen…..

two hearts one

Now that is true – but then happiness is any kitty!

And doesn’t he look like the kitten in the most excellent ‘Surprised Kitty’ video – click here to see that – http://bit.ly/1bFKy1t

happiness is a warm kitty

Impossibly cute furball. Waaaaaaaannnnnntttt!

impossibly cute furball

A teeny weeny baby kitten! Awwww.

If tiny kitties make you go awwww, then check out the first video we ever posted here – http://bit.ly/1fqPybS

baby kitten in hand

Well hello to you too kitty!


Sometimes cats are just too darn cute!

they not looking

Just the two of us…..

just the two of us

Autumn kitty…….

autumn kitty

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