Beautiful, Blue Eyed Kitten – 21st July 2014

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Come on now kitty, let me lie in……it’s Saturday not Caterday!

rise and shine

What a beautiful Siamese kitten, or is it a Ragdoll?

Totally stunning anyway!

siamese kitten 2

I have a feeling I might have posted this before.

Who cares! This kitten is tooooo cute. I might post it every week!

upside down tiny grey

Of course I’ll hug you beautiful, blue eyed kitten!

blue eye beauty

I know this is not real but it’s just soooooo cute…..

tiger with kittens

Do you know about this?

10 commandments

As if a cat would be as inconsiderate as this!

sorry cat jigsaw

What a super cute white fluffball.

super white flufy kittn

How fabulous, a hug from Mom.

lion and cub

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