Can I Haz? – 31st October 2014

A round up of the latest great cat pictures from our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

Double Cuddle cuteness!

Double Cuddle

Is this the cutest, tiniest kitten?


Is this what you expect to greet you tomorrow morning?

the day begins

Just chillin’ in my pot…

chillin' in my pot...

Yep, we’re just lying in wait. Eventually the humans will make an error!

baker shop

Only because you hid them in the first place!

keys lol

Yup kitty – you’re all good!

right leg

This is another great ‘If I fits, I sits’.

Check out this 37 photo megapost of lots of cats that DON’T quite fit!

sit in box

Can I haz?

Can I haz

Well, not quite…..but it’s a good effort!

master of disguise lol

This is so true and true cat lovers know it!

cat are like music

We fits!

tissue boxes

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