My Cat Puts Her Paws On Everything

This adorable tuxedo cat has a very strange habit. She likes to put her paws on the things close by whenever she is hanging out around the house. It’s as if she is reminding her humans that in fact everything in the house belongs to her.

Reddit user cosmosomsoc who lives with this kitty decided to post these pictures online to let the world know how possessive her cat is.

She says: “She’s very active, and happy. She’s just a little drama queen and loves stretching out when she’s laying around,” she added, talking about her paws, “she doesn’t let me touch her paws. I try to hold them all the time but she yanks them away and then gives me the same look (as in the picture below)”.

put paws 1
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This is my phone…

put paws 2

My beside table…

put paws 3

This is definitely my bed…

put paws 4
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put paws 5

Also mine…

put paws 6

In fact, everything is mine!

put paws 7

And when an object is too far for her to reach…she just stretches out a hind leg to confirm her possession!

put paws 8

What a delightful, if ever so slightly over possessive, kitty !

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