Happiness is any Kitty! – 15th December 2013

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Whenever I find a cat picture with striking eyes I have to post it.

Here’s a brilliant one.

striking eyes

Now that is true – but then happiness is any kitty!

Looks very like the kitten in the ‘Surprised Kitty’ video we posted earlier – click here to see that – http://bit.ly/1bFKy1t

happiness is a warm kitty

I think I’d be this comfortable if I could find a fluffy bunny butt for a pillow! 

bunny butt pillow

Stunning kitten with piercing blue eyes.

cuuuute kitten blue eyes

Bottom line – you give a cat a loving home and they will reward you with their love.

If you missed the video of ‘6 signs that your cat loves you’, click here – http://bit.ly/JrZKX3 

I got the love

The Em Paw Swipes back?

jedi kitty

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