Is This Cat Judging You?

Here’s a kitty with plenty of attitude and his name is Pompous Albert!

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Pompous Albert is a ten-year-old Selkirk Rex and Susan Singleton, his human, says that Albert didn’t gain his expressive face with age, he’s looked like this since he was a kitten. He has big yellow eyes that look as if they’ve been ringed with heavy eyeliner, and his unmistakable glare commands the attention of everyone he meets. Apparently some people have asked if Pompous Albert is a real cat!

But in reality, Albert is a very friendly cat, he likes children, loves to be petted and enjoys bring pulled round the room in a cardboard box. “He really is a sweetheart,” says Susan. “We really love him.”

Albert’s unusual looks have gained him over 23,000 followers on Facebook and a staggering 90,000 on Instagram.

Albert was named after Albert Einstein and as you can see there is a similarity.

Apparently some people have asked if Pompous Albert is a real cat!

Yes, he’s looks as if he’s judging you…

But he’s a real softie at heart!



You can see more of Albert on Instagram and Facebook

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