Who Loves a Ragdoll? – 16th December 2013

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Do you think this (very beautiful) cat has misunderstood the message in this book?

Kitty – it’s not about your next supper!

kill a mocking bird

You know what I was saying about cats being jerks? (Watch the video here if you missed it – http://bit.ly/INAj1h).

Well this is a prime example and I do know some cat owners who have discovered a hoard of stuff that their cats have stolen.

the missing sock

Who loves a ragdoll?

I do, especially one as cute as this!

ragdoll looking up

There could be worse ways to go….

how i want to die

Did you see the cat with the thumbs video earlier? –http://bit.ly/1hcvsTg

This is another one of a different cat with thumbs. But, I think this photo is right. If every cat had thumbs, the world would be a very different place!


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