Mama and Baby – 4th August 2014

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A trio of kittens looking super cute!

trio of kittens

Oh what a cute pocket size kitten!

pocket kitty 3

This tiny little kitten is beyond cute….

cute ginger kitten

Is this little kitten called Sheldon? !!

But it also brings to mind the hilarious video of how a cat sleeps:

soft kitty

What a super cute Munchkin kitten.

Have you seen what happens when a Munchkin kitty meets water balloons:

munchkin kitten 1

I love the expression on this cats face.

fabulous no brushing

Awwwww, mama and baby……it’s just tooooo cute!

mommy and kitten

LOVE this photo.

I want it to be three generations of beautiful white cats – although I know it’s probably two from one litter.

It’s very cute though and I wish they were in my home!

white cat family

A goatee and a ‘tache! This cat is spoiling us with such a fashionable look.

And isn’t he super cute!

goatee and tache

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