Meet The Cat That Loves to Stand on Two Legs

This is George, an adorable ginger Munchkin cat that loves to stand on two legs!

george 2

george 1

Why he prefers to stand around in this way we shall never know but since his human Egzo posted a few pictures of him on Reddit he has become an overnight sensation clocking up many likes and comments from all over the globe.

george 5

Many people have been comparing his grouchy expression and demeanour to the cartoon cat Garfield and Ezgo replied, “I did walk in on him eating a plate of bow tie pasta that was left on the table. Have yet to introduce him to lasagne although am 100% certain he will like it because.. yeah he’s kind of like Garfield.” (For those of you that don’t know, Garfield’s favourite food is lasagne!)

george 4

He has become so popular that his human has set up an Instagram account entirely dedicated to him entitled ‘George2Legs’ and at the last count he had over 54,000 followers.

george 7

His unusual stance brings to mind a meerkat but as you can see, he is no mere cat!

george 8

You can follow George on Instagram here.

Source: Imgur/Reddit

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