Musical Kitty! – 12th February 2013

Today’s best cat pictures from our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

Another picture showing how our cats always know best!!!

cat stuck in chair

Cold outside today.

Think I’ll just take my place in front of the fire and keep warm!

kittens fire

Couple of pix on a cold theme today. Saw this and just loved it.

Big cats are so majestic and clearly Tigers don’t care about the cold!

tiger snow

Musical kitty?

Or just fluffy and cute?

cat guitar

Just a beautiful specimen – I think that’s a Bengal. What I know is that it’s gorgeous!

bengal cat

Following on from the last pic – is this a Bengal?

Amazing looking.

snow bengal maybe

I know we’re all going to be passing this around!    So true.

catch cats

Kittens are soooo cute!

sleep anywherr


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