30 Before-And-After Photos Of Cats Growing Up

Posted in Cat Pictures - Last Updated: February 25, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: February 25, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

We see our beloved cats every day and because of this we tend not to notice them growing up.

They are part of our families and like all other family members, age and grow together.

With that in mind those lovely people at Bored Panda have put together this fabulous collection of before and after pictures lest we forget.

You’ll recognise some of our favorite internet kitties in there along with others that are just too darn cute!

So take a look at these 18 before and after photos of cats growing up and revel in their beauty.

1. Smoothie Then and Now


2. Coby the Cat Then and Now


3. They Grow Up So Fast


4. The Lovely Gimo


5. Niko Then and Now


6. Bum, the Worried Cat


7. My Sweet Boy Chewy. From A Couple Days Old To Almost 15 Years Old! We’ve Both Grown So Much…


8. He Finally Grew Into That Bow Tie


9. Harrison From Harrison and Humphrey Then and Meow


10. Our Neville Growing Up


11. The Difference One Year Of Love And Care Can Make. Found At A Construction Site, Her Siblings and Mama Were Dead


12. They Grow Up So Fast


13. Hamilton The Hipster Cat Then and Now


14. He Was Just a Normal Kitten, and Then He Exploded


15. The Most Beautiful Twin Cats Growing Up


16. Mostarda – 2 Months To 1 Year


17. Teddy and The Duck – 2 Years On


18. We found him in a parking lot eight years ago...

then and now

19. Margot then - and one year later

then and now 1

20. Mykos and Mr. Monkey. Then and now

then and now 2

21. One year later

then and now 4

22. Gremlyin And Gremlyang - kitten siblings  to what they looked like one year later 

now and then 13

23. Foxi's 1st birthday. Hasn't she changed a lot? 

then and now 3

24. Six years later, and she still loves to sit on my shoulder

then and now 7

25. A year ago, I rescued two kittens in my neighbourhood, and here they are today

then and now 8

26. Beautiful Lucina - then and now

then and now 6

27. Humphrey, then and now 

now and then 9

 28. This is nimbus – 2 months vs 10 months

now and then 10

29. After two years nothing much has changed, he still sleeps in the same position!

now and then 11

30. Rupert has always been confused about things, from kitten to 8 years old 

now and then 12

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