Pretty Kitty – 21st January 2013

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No more snow!

This is another one of those great pix where a kitten is transfixed and confused by their own shadow.

shadow boxer
The inner workings of your cat’s mind.

So many of these made me chuckle – real insight into what makes our crazy kitties tick.

cat brain

Kind of following on from the previous post of the inner working of your cat’s brain, do yours do this?

Mine do. We call it a ‘minute of madness’ in our house – and often we have no idea what has set it off!

run around lolcat

Time for just a pretty kitty.

This one wins!

kitten hiding in towel

I love this kitten – can’t make up his mind!

kitten yes no

I know how he feels!

I’m off to bed too.

sleep grey kitten

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