I Recreated Pusheen Stickers With My Fat Cat

Julien Therrien, a writer for online French blog Les Populaires, recruited his fat cat Jackie to assist him in creating real life versions of the incredibly popular Pusheen Facebook stickers. Julien and Jackie have perfectly captured the essence of Pusheen, as demonstrated with side-by-side comparisons in the photos.

He says, (translated from french): “This is my cat Jackie. I guess she’s between 6 and 8 years old. I know I should know her exact age since I got her when she was a kitten, but I lost her little birth certificate. I could be tempted to turn my apartment upside for this information but I judge it to be irrelevant. Recently, I saw a glaring resemblance to the popular emoticon Pusheen The Cat. Her greyish colour, lack of energy and morbid obesity and much more.”

Here then, are some “Screeching DIY” reproductions of the famous Pusheen.


1. The Hi-Five

pusheen 1

2. The Box

pusheen 2

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3. The Laptop

pusheen 3

4. The Thought

pusheen 4

5. The Book

pusheen 5

6. The Pizza

pusheen 6

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7. The Dumbbells

pusheen 7

8. The Ball of Wall

pusheen 8

9. The Boredom

pusheen 9

10. The Notebook

pusheen 10

11. The Unicorn

pusheen 11

12. The Combo

pusheen 12

And here’s behind the scenes…

pusheen 13

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