Spidercat! – 22nd December 2013

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Just spotted this mustachio beauty on Reddit.

Anyone else got a cat with a ‘tache?

mustachio rerddit

Seems like the Spidercat in the video we posted earlier isn’t the only one!

If you missed it, watch the video here – http://bit.ly/18F5zeN

spidercats 2

My current cats are all OK with my kids, grandkids, any kids, but I remember one of my aunt’s that really wasn’t happy when we all descended.

She was s spinster and the cat was delightful but just couldn’t cope with a sudden invasion of 4 screaming noisy kids.

Many years later I have a lot of sympathy!

cat grandchildren

LOVE this photo.

Dreamy sparkle kitty.

daydreaming cat sparkle

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