Star Wars Kitty! – 16th January 2013

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Just love this.

kitten cuddles

I reckon this must have happened in every cat house more than once!

toilet roll kitten

If you’re a geek Star Wars kitty lover, then this one is for you. Show it to the nerdy men in your life!!!

darth kittyous

Every warm spot in the house….taken!

cat on radiator

This one was left over from Christmas but had to post it anyway – how could anyone not love a sparkly cat picture!

sparkly cat

Very impressive climbing!

ninja cats

I love these shots where the cat stands on glass and you get an unusual angle.

kitten on glass

Do you need a hug?

need hugs cat

Looks like snow outside for the folks in Blighty.

Don’t leave your cat outside when it’s this cold…..

arty cat in snow

How cute are these two?

two sleeping kittens

Time for bed…..

im pooped

Sometimes you know not to mess with a cat – especially a big one!

Just love this great photo.

no messing lion


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