We Surrender to Belly Rubs! – 14th July 2014

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These baby leopard cubs are awesome don’t you think?

baby leopard cubs

“We surrender to belly rubs!”

belly rubs

They may be double the trouble but they are also double the cuteness!

double trouble 2

My kitties hate it when I get the vacuum cleaner out, do yours?


What do you think this playful kitten is doing?

Sharpening his teeth? Or is he a little peckish before supper time?

playful kitten

You most certainly are little kitty!


OMG! This kitten is over the top cute don’t you think?

ginger furry

I’ve definitely read a story about this old photo before. I think it might be a photo for an advertisement or something like that. I just think it’s pretty amazing.

Who knows what that big kitty would be thinking looking in that window!

leopard cartier

Your cat KNOWS who’s boss!

late salve

Don’t forget that when it’s hot, your kitties need to cool down as well.

air con lol

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