Thoughtful Kitty – 22nd October 2014

A round up of the latest great cat pictures from our Facebook page – ‘Like’ us on Facebook to be the first to see these every day.

Just one puss in a boot (well a trainer/shoe, but it’s close enough!)

white kitten in trainer

Oh what a kind and thoughtful kitty you are. I am honoured!

killed a mouse lol

We got a whole pile o’kitten going on!

2 kittens cuddles

How is it possible for cats to feel this way!?

food dish lol 1

Siamese? Burmese? Not sure. I am sure it’s a beauty!

beauty 1

What an amazing pair of long hair beauties – and a decent meerkat impression to boot!


meercat tux

Aren’t you a handsome kitty!

sleeping beauty lol

Night night all you kitties….

kitty moon

I think I’ll get to that later….

to do list lol

Thanks Reddit! ‘Stray cats looks like they’re about to drop the hip-hop album of the decade!’

stray cats

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