16 Times Cats Hilariously Crashed Nativity Scenes

It’s a well known fact that cats love to squeeze themselves into the strangest of places, whether it’s a cardboard box or drawer you left open, these things are irresistible and let’s not forget that they generally love to get in the way and be awkward. The favorite kitty pastime in my house is sitting on the computer keyboard with taking up all the space on my bed coming in at a close second.

So it’s no surprise that when our kitties spot a nativity scene they are straight in there, the attraction is overwhelming for them. Imagine, a bed to lie in, straw to keep warm, little people to knock over and trample on and of course it makes them the center of attention and no kitty can resist that!

So with that in mind, take a look at this great list, compiled by Bored Panda, of cats that couldn’t help themselves and crashed the nativity scene and have yourself a very Meowy Catmus !!

1. A cat gets comfy in a nativity scene outside a church


2. And then little baby Jesus was carried off the enormous Catosaurus, the end!


3. Our cat Loki invaded the neighbors nativity scene, the look on his face is priceless…


4. Day seven and they still suspect nothing…


5. The Jesus in our crib is a big fat, furry and pointy eared…but undeniably cute!


6. Little Angel


7. At my friend’s church, the church cat has evicted the baby Jesus from the manger


8. There was a cat, in the manger with baby Jesus


9. Cat-ivity in NYC


10. My parents set up a nativity scene, tell me why my cat is chilling in there, looking like baby Jesus


11. No room for baby Jesus in this manger


12. Catnap…


13. Our cat Porter has joined the nativity scene…


14. And the angel said unto them: “Behold, a cat has stuffed himself into the manger!”


15. This cat found a place to sit and wasn’t at all bothered by the crowd of people taking photographs


16. My in-laws cat is really getting into the spirit of Christmas this year


All images @boredpanda

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