What a Tired Little Kitty – 10th January 2014

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What a tired little kitty…..!

Did you see the video of cats sleeping anywhere that we posted the other day.

Click here to watch it if you haven’t yet – http://bit.ly/1dKlnwz

big yawn

I think these 2 really are best friends.

And what a handsome couple they make….


Is it just me or is this freaky? Or is it amazing?

I know you could hold any cat on its hind legs like this but this fluff baby looks like a mini yeti or something!

cat standing

It seems that this kitty has perched his way into a problem!

bath time cat problem

Stunning long haired calico.

Not just long hair but long whiskers too!

whiskers calico

Only a little taste kitty. Too much tuna isn’t good for you!

tuna in there


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