Top Cat! – 26th December 2012

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Phew – took some time to recover from Christmas day! – hope you had a great time.

Just going to post some lovely pictures and stay away from Xmas themes from now on. Happy holidays for those still off work though!

lovely calico cat

This happens in our house….a lot!

And, they do truly get sad, and frustrated!

lost toys

I bet these two are friends really, even though one clearly thinks he’s Top Ccat!

kittens in bookcase

There’ll be cats everywhere giving this treatment to owners who’ve been away for a day or two…..

Obviously leave someone to care your for your cat when you go away or take them to a good cattery.

no holiday cat

A cat in it’s rightful place….

cat on dog

We’ve talked about this before – scroll down to see cats rubbing themselves on some odd stuff – like paint rollers….!

But, we all see this every day. A very cute cat sidling up to the corner of a wall and rubbing for fun!

cat rub on wall

Beautiful pic of a very pretty kitty.

striking bw

No need to hide sweetie.

Come to me for a cuddle

hiding cat

This is one of those photos that you see on a lot of sites over time but I keep coming across it and it deserves to be posted here.

Such a pretty kitty with such a look of innocence staring at the bubbles in the sunlight.

kitten and bubbles

They are in love forever.

The happy couple

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