Twitter Users Asked to Share “Very Ugly Pictures Of Your Cats!” And Thread Goes Viral

We all like to take pictures of our pets. Sometimes they are for our own pleasure and sometimes it’s so we can show off to our friends and family how beautiful they are.

But despite thinking your pet is a natural beauty, (because we all do that!) they too can have bad angles and often fall victim to bad lighting. But hey, nobody was born camera-ready, right?

While scrolling through the infinite pictures of your kitty on your phone, you see that something is not quite right in nearly every pic. Their eyes look strange, their grin is lopsided or there’s something that’s just not right and it really doesn’t look like your adorable kitty.

The truth is, just like you and me, not every pet is camera-ready. But for some reason we don’t always delete the bad ones and they take up space on your phone.

This gave Gina Zwicky the idea of creating a thread on Twitter that only allows “very ugly pictures of your pets. ” It gives everyone the opportunity to share the most unattractive pictures of their furry companions, because we all like to have a laugh every now and then.

Scroll down below, because we’ve picked out the best (or the worst!) pictures of our feline friends. You will see that “very ugly” can have a level all of it’s own because after all, all creatures are beautiful.

Here’s Gina’s first picture that started the thread:


And here’s some of the responses she got:


2. ugly-3

3.  ugly-4

4. ugly-5

5. ugly-6

6. ugly-7

7. ugly-8

8. ugly-9

9. ugly-10

10. ugly-11

11. ugly-12

12. ugly-13

13. ugly-14

14. ugly-15

15. ugly-16

16. ugly-17

17. ugly-18

18. ugly-19

Source: boredpanda

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