What A Cutie! – 12th January 2013

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This is Ping – a cat belonging to a very good friend.

cute kitten

Hi folks!

black and white cat peers over table

Ha Ha.

You know this is what they do!

home alone cat

Don’t be sad kitty!

We’ll look after you.

sad kitty

He loves her really…

Aww Mum

I think this breed is called a Selkirk Rex. What an incredible shaggy coat.

Never seen it before but I do like it.

selkirk rex kitten

Oh yes you will!

i will get the milk

It’s called a ‘shadow’ – you can’t catch it…..

cat bemused by shadow

LOVE this!

gotch ya

I think this is a sophisticated French Parisian cat. All I know for sure is that it’s beautiful!

paris cat

Simple, Gorgeous White Cat.

white cat

I think you’re looking at this the wrong way!

cute upside down kitten

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