Is this the best thing you can buy for your cat?

petfusion cat scratcher lounger

Is this the best thing you can buy for your cat?

Read on and we’ll tell you our verdict at the end.

We’re on a mission to create the definitive list of products that you can buy for your cat or for yourself as an unabashed cat lover.

We’ve decided to create a Top 10 (plus a few items ‘bubbling under’) in six separate sections; cat products, products for cat lovers, cat toys, cat care, cat books and cat art. That’s well over 60 products and that’s after we’ve looked at several hundred to come up with these Top 10’s.

Only the first two sections are on the site so far – keep an eye out for the others in the next few weeks.

We’re pretty proud of the effort we’ve put in and think that we’ve come up with a selection that is the best source for cat products on the internet – and we’d appreciate your help to keep it that way. So please comment below if you think we’ve missed a great product. Let us know what we should have included. And, please pass the Top 10 lists on to friends who are cat lovers on Facebook or Twitter. We’d appreciate it.

So, the PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounger. We’ve put that at number 1 in our first Top 10 – for cat products. But is it really the best product you can buy for your cat?

Well we think so, and over 1900 5-star reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong can they! But how long can it hold on to that top position?

It’s got our vote because it’s a great looking scratcher that you can happily have in your living room because it’s very well made and not an eyesore – something many scratching posts just aren’t!

Then, on top of that, it serves as a really great bed for your kitty to lie on. If they’re like our cats there’s a chance they’ll sprawl out and pretty much never move again.

It’s eco-friendly, made from recycled cardboard, sturdy and strong. The curves make scratching natural for your cat and also make it an enticing place for them to lunge. It’s big – so there’s plenty of room for your cat to stretch out or for more than one.

Check it out on Amazon here and after you’ve looked at our first Top 10 list, let us know anything you would like to see added by commenting below.

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