Brand New Cat Toy

I’m trying to build a list on the site of great cat products (please add any suggestions in the comments below, as I’d really appreciate the help!).

Whilst scouting around I came across this brand new cat toy which you can’t even buy just yet. I was vaguely aware of Kickstarter but I’d never seen anything that I’d wanted to buy on there before. As I understand it, the idea is that people develop a product and then use the Kickstarter site to raise the money to make their idea a reality. Cool idea.

So, this product is a robot cat toy that they bill as ‘an intelligent cat companion’. It’s a small egg shaped toy that is computer controlled and behaves in a way designed to keep your cat’s attention. It mimics the behaviour of a small mammal.

They say:

Egg is designed to be your cat’s favorite toy and so it can do a lot of things. 
  • Move back and forth even over carpet
  • Shake and make cute sounds
  • Sense obstacles and reverse direction
  • and most importantly, Egg will sense kitty interactions ( taps, kitty-grabs, and pounces) and try to escape while making lots of noise!

Best of all, the initial run of these cat toys is being sold at the cost of their manufacture. I love the idea – and I’ve ordered one!

Watch the video below and then go and check it out (or make an order) at Kickstarter.

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