Cat Comes To University Every Day To Help Students With Cuddles

This delightful ginger kitty brings comfort to lucky university students just when they need it the most. Known as the “Campus cat,” he makes his way to the University of Augsburg, Germany, every day and helps the students relax by offering them cuddles.

“Caring about the students is the main goal of the Campus cat besides sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,” Andreas, Campus Cat Secretary, told Bored Panda. “Also the cat walks all around the campus to really see all students from every faculty. A lot of students say Campus Cat helps to relax or chill before tests, papers, exams.” This caring ginger is always there, even though he has a home and is well cared for! He just really wants to take some pressure off the students’ chests.

What a good kitty! I think I’ll give him an A+!

Known as the “Campus cat,” this caring kitty makes his way to the University every day.

uni cat 1
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He understands the stresses and strains of university life…

uni cat 2

So loves to give the students lots of cuddles!

uni cat 3

uni cat 4
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Students come to see the lovely fluffball when they’re feeling anxious before exams

uni cat 6

And has made himself completely at home…

uni cat 7

uni cat 8
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Even though he has a caring home and is well looked after

uni cat 9

Not only does he make a lot of friends at the campus…

uni cat 10

uni cat 11

He gets lots of belly rubs…

uni cat 12

And finds the time to bask in the sun

uni cat 13

Every university should have a cat like this!

uni cat 14

uni cat 15

( h/t: BoredPanda )
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