Grumpy Rescue Kitten Transforms Into a Happy Kitty

This tiny ginger kitten with a very grumpy face arrived at an animal shelter one day.

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It was obvious she was not happy but it didn’t take long for her carers at the San Jose Animal Care Center to find out why. She had feline scabies, a miserable condition that causes hair loss and a lot of itchiness. The reason she looked so grumpy was due to this unbearable ailment she’d been living with.

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“There is no clearer way to see how miserable scabies can make an animal than seeing the transformation of this one tiny kitten,” explained animal shelter vet Dr. Ostermann. “She wouldn’t move much. She would sit, with squinted eyes, looking miserable.”

Her encrusted, scabby skin was proof of what this tiny kitten was battling with. her carers began her treatment and gave her all she needed to get her back on the road to happiness.

grumpy 3

Over the next month, the little kitten’s change was drastic. When she arrived at the shelter she just sat around, hardly moving at all, and now she was jumping around trying to get everyone to play with her.

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“A few weeks into her recovery, she was already looking happier and seemingly in less pain,” Dr. Ostermann said.

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This delightful ginger kitten discovered her new found energy, and her playfulness was unleashed. Once completely healed, she was spayed and put up for adoption. In no time, she found her forever loving home!

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