Grumpy Street Cat Makes Everyone At Shelter Fall In Love With Him

Meet Saul! He was found wandering along a street in London in the rain, he was clearly injured and in obvious need of help.


A man spotted him and quickly contacted the RSPCA, they immediately sent someone to rescue him and he was taken to Putney Animal Hospital.
“He was in a very sorry state…and had discharge coming from his eyes and nose and looked very poorly indeed,” explained a spokesperson for the RSPCA. “We believe he was involved in a road traffic accident as we found he had injured his jaw, teeth and one eye.”


The poor thing was very sick so the priority was to get him medicated and treated as quickly as possible. He slowly began to heal and that was when the staff noticed something incredibly unique about him. It didn’t seem to matter what kind of mood he’s in or how he was feeling, this ginger kitty always had a grumpy expression on his face.


It was thought by the staff that Saul’s grumpy face was due a past injury or maybe he was born that way, whichever it was, it was clear that his grumpy face was here to stay. As he began to get better, the staff realized he was a very sweet, affectionate kitty, but you would never guess that by the look on his face.


He doesn’t always look grumpy – sometimes he can be rather cheeky!


“Despite his constant scowl, Saul’s actually really sweet and friendly,” said one of the staff. “He’s recovering really well from his injuries and we hope he will soon be ready to move to our cattery at Southall to find a new home as we don’t re-home directly from the hospital.” Everyone at the hospital totally loved Saul and his unique look, and as soon as his wounds were healed he’ll be put up for adoption, they were pretty sure it wouldn’t be long before the perfect family would fall in love with him too.


“We’re sure someone will fall in love with this glum-looking puss. In fact, we think he could be a bit of a star. We’re sure he’d give Grumpy Cat a run for his money and that’s why we’re affectionately nicknaming him Grumpy Cat 2.0!”

Find out more about the RSPCA here

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