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Disabled Kitten Wants to Run with His Mom

Tissues at the ready for this emotional story. Somebody heard a cat crying in the basement of an apartment block but couldn’t work out where the sound was coming from.

She contacted her local animal rescue and they soon appear on the scene looking for the source of the crying. Then suddenly, another cat appears but she appeared to be very weary of humans.


They decided to set up cameras and leave the scene.

Not long after the cat returns and through the camera link they watch her go to the place where the sound is coming from, and there is a ginger kitten that has obviously lost the use of his back legs. As it turns out, this is the kitten’s mother.


He tries to leave with her but is unable to make the difficult passage to get out of the basement. The kitten cries out to his mother but there’s nothing she can do, she obviously feels that this is the safest place for him.

He has no choice, there’s nothing for him to do other than to stay out of harm’s way when all he wants to do is run after his mama.


Then the rescue begins. They eventually manage to find the spot where he is hiding, he had tucked himself behind an abandoned filing cabinet under a staircase, a safe spot by all accounts.


Finally they get him into the cat carrier – he is not happy about this. After an examination at the vets they discover that his condition is serious. An x-ray shows that his 5th vertebrae has lifted and is pressing on his spinal nerves, this is what is causing the injury to his hind legs. They also discovered he has fractured ribs.

They did what they could with surgery but his nerves are badly cut, the vet explains this little ginger kitty will be paralyzed for life. He has managed so well to survive this far considering his injuries but what will become of him? He’s such a lively kitty.


Then hope arrives with a woman that wants to adopt him, she already has five cats and one of them is also disabled.

She feels that she has something to offer and takes him home to meet his new family, they name him Superman because of his ordeal at such a young age.


The woman starts giving Superman rigorous physical therapy in the hope that his situation will improve – and she was right!

He begins to show a small amount of movement in his legs, maybe the nerves are healing themselves.


She also provides him with a “wheelchair,” this will help him utilize whatever feelings he has in his back legs but also it means he can zoom around the house!


The woman realises that this little kitty is playful, Adventurous and full of energy. She really wants him to have a happy life where he feels cared for.

He couldn’t have been adopted into a better place that’s full of love and understanding for his situation.



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