Man Saves Abandoned Kitten, Turns Out the Kitten Saves Him Too

Posted in Cat Stories - On: February 16, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: February 16, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

When a kind man rescued a tiny abandoned kitten he had no idea that the kitten would rescue him too.

This is the story of Dante!


Depression can be a dark and lonely place to live and it can be difficult to let anyone in.

When Reddit user Derpton89 discovered three deathly ill kittens, caring for them became a ray of light in his darkness.

He had been feeding them after he found they’d been abandoned by their mother. Sadly, the building had a no animals policy so he couldn’t bring them inside.

One day when he was bringing them food he discovered that two of them had died, probably of an infection, the third kitten was barely hanging on to life.


He decided to take a risk and look after the ill kitty in his apartment.

“He couldn’t see or walk properly. He fell asleep instantly after I fed him some food and gave him a bed (or myself in this case) to rest on,”

The next morning he took him to the vet where he was put on an IV and given medicine.


Soon the kitten, who he decided to name Dante, was able to open his eyes and stand for the first time.

After a week of treatment Dante’s eyes began to clear and his appetite began to match that of a growing kitten.

He even found his voice and began to meow!


Day by day Derpton watched as Dante grew bigger and healthier.

Seeing the once poorly kitten become active and begin to develop a personality delighted him.

This man was suffering from depression but the kitten was just what he needed to help pull him out.

He has even spoken to a therapist about having Dante declared as an emotional support animal.


For Dante, his rescuer became the family that had always wanted and needed, this little kitten would follow his human all around the house and give him cuddles.

This kind man said that Dante rescued him from the depression he was feeling and it was a joy to watch the little kitten grow and become strong.


In a way, they saved each other!

Another heart warming story demonstrating the amazing impact of animals.

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