Meet Higgs – Backpack Cat!

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Five month old kitten Higgs lives in Glasgow, Scotland with his owners Christian Witte, 30, and Kimia Mohammadi, 25.  He loves them so much and cannot bear to be parted from them so when they decided to go on a walking holiday in the Highlands little Higgs went with them.

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They went for a picnic one day on a windswept beach, and the 2 phD students decided to put Higgs in a backpack as they were worried that he would get sand blown into his eyes. Later on that day when the winds were strong again, little Higgs must of remembered this as he climbed up on Christian and found his way into the backpack.

Since that day Higgs, who was named after the Nobel prize-winning British physicist, Peter Higgs, often sits in Christian’s backpack as he loves to go out with them and likes looking around at what’s going on.

higgs 4

Ms Mohammadi said that Higgs character was more suited to a dog than a cat.

She said: “He likes crawling around and he fetches things as well – he is like a dog in cat’s skin. He is quite a strange cat, but I really like him.”

You can read more about this story at the Daily Mail Online.

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