Omar the Maine Coon Might Be Longest Cat in the World

Meet Omar the Maine Coon! He measures in at a staggering 120 centimetres and 14 kilograms and is on the verge of worldwide fame after the Guinness World Record team spotted pictures him on Instagram.

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“We were expecting about a 9kg cat and he got to that before he was one-year-old,” Omar’s human mama Stephanie Hirst said. “That’s when we realised he’s not nearly done (growing) yet and we’ve got a really big cat on our hands.”

“After we got featured on Instagram, I received a private message from (the record team), asking if we could email them, so I did and they explained the process to me and we started our initial application of getting the title.”

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Stephanie said while Omar’s star is on the rise, he’s happiest lazing around the couple’s Croydon home in Melbourne with canine friends Rafiki and Penny.

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As for Omar’s diet, the Maine Coon eats two scoops of kibble for breakfast and raw kangaroo for dinner.

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He’s a very cheeky kitty and uses his size to his advantage.

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The current longest cat title belongs to Ludo who lives in the UK, he measures in at 118.3cm, but the official record process for Omar has begun.

Watch the video:

You can see more of Omar on Instagram

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