Precious Little Ginger Kitten Trapped on the Roof is Crying Out for Help

Cat lovers can’t help but come to the rescue when they find out that there’s a cat or kitten in trouble.

We’re all prepared to take in a stray, leave food for a feral cat or do whatever we can if there’s ever a cat or kitten in distress.

Well this story is about one such poor, precious little kitten who appeared to be trapped with no-one to care for them and with no way out.

But, luckily for them, there were some cat-loving folks who stepped up to help out.

And it wasn’t easy as before they could help this darling kitten they had some detective work to do.

This story is guaranteed to bring a little lift to your kitty loving heart!


One day, a woman spotted a ginger kitten on the roof of the opposite apartment building. She had no idea how the kitten had got up there as there didn’t seem to be any way of getting off the roof.

The little kitten was seen peering over the edge crying, as if he wanted to get down. After a few days the kitten was still there, crying, so the woman filled a plastic glove with food and water and threw over onto the roof.


The kitten grabbed the glove in it’s mouth, ran away and disappeared. She found this very strange because she couldn’t work out where the kitten was going. She decided to call the experts to come and help.

The experts were as bemused as she was because there didn’t seem to be an exit and there were no windows open. Then they thought they spotted the kitten in an alleyway below the building, how on earth did the kitten get down?


Then they heard crying from above and saw him on the roof, it wasn’t the same kitten, maybe it was his brother?


After more investigating they fitted some cameras around the area for observation, threw over some food for him and waited to see where the kitten went.


Right around the other side of the building was an open window and the kitten skilfully made his way there and hopped in. So the mystery was solved!




They asked the occupant of the building if they could go and have a look and yes, the kitten was living on the top floor and had no way down because of a locked door.

So they put down a trap cage with some food in it and waited for the kitten to return. They could see by the camera they had left that the kitten had finally entered the cage and was caught. It was a relief for everybody involved.


The next stage was to take the kitten for a check up at the vet, Thankfully he was in good health although his stomach was slightly swollen from binge eating the food that the woman had thrown down to him.

This lucky kitten will now stay on at the vet clinic until a suitable home has been found for him. All’s well that ends well!


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