Rejected Kitten Adopted by Golden Retriever

Ishimi 1

Ishimi the kitten was the runt of the litter and consequentially was rejected by her mother. We know this happens often and there is little or nothing we can do to stop this.

Then along comes Ponzu, a lovely golden retriever with a big heart. He has fostered little kittens before and after losing his previous foster kitty his owner realised that Ishimi would help mend his broken heart. Ponzu has a very nurturing character and would use his body heat to keep her warm, clean her and also helped  his owner with feeding.

Ishimi 2

This unlikely couple instantly bonded and Ponzu is very protective towards Ishimi, not letting her out of his sight and keeping her out of harms way. He is now the loving father she never had.

Ishimi 3

Ishimi 4

Ishimi 5

See more pictures of Ishimi and Ponzu on Instagram

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